GuangDong M&C Electric Power Co.Ltd is one of the largest group of electric motors in China, with products range from AC, DC to Brushless motor, from fractional horse-power, medium to large motors. We have Asynchronous motors, Single phase motor, Three phase motor, Synchronous motor, SYZ motor, KSYZ controllable motor, SYD reversible motor, SLD pear-shape gear box motor, SDY low-speed motor, SFY motor, SJK,SJKM,SJKL series, SYG high efficency motor, SDMK mining grinding machine motor, High Voltage Synchronous Motor, Automobiles micro motor, Wiper motor, Heating ventilation and air conditioner motor, Car air pump motor, AUTO compressor pump motor, Vehicle motor, Electric bike motors, Gear motor, DC motors, Brushless motors, Drum motor, Variable speed motor, High power and large size motor, Fan motors, Sewing motor, Wash-machine motors, Three-phases asychronous disk brake motors, Universal motors, 12V DC motor, 16mm BLDC motor, MDY oil-cooling drum motor, MDJ oil-steeped drum motor, MDW external drum motor, MDB anti-explosion drum motor, MDP automatic-alignment anti-deviation drum motor, email us, with your requirements. or call us 86-020-89660216.