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Electrical Industry will become the focus of energy-saving motor development

Electrical Industry become the focus of energy-saving motor development

                             Published :2014-08-20     Source Liberation Network - Morning News    

Currently many of the motor manufacturers, a single manufacturer is generally low market share, market concentration is not high.

With the development of China's industrial economy, the motor is widely used. According to statistics, the motor system electricity consumption accounts for about 60% of the country, including fan electricity consumption accounts for 10.4%, 20.9% of the motor pumps, compressors, 9.4%. However, our more than 80% of advanced electrical products, low level of efficiency than the 2% -5%, the electrical system efficiency than the advanced level of 10% -20% lower. Therefore, our motor system in improving efficiency, energy management system has a huge demand.

For efficient motor. Motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy at the same time, some of the energy loss itself, these losses include the winding loss, core loss, stray load loss and the wind mill loss. Efficient motor and general motor compared to mechanical energy to electrical energy is converted to the energy conversion process has a higher energy conversion efficiency and lower energy consumption.

At present the total installed capacity of electric motor has reached over 400 million kW, annual consumption of 1.2 trillion kWh, accounting for 60% of total electricity consumption, accounting for 80% of industrial consumption, including fans, pumps, compressors have been installed capacity more than 200 million kW, annual consumption of 800 billion kWh, accounting for 40% of total electricity consumption is about, it requires great energy-saving motor, but also energy-saving effect can best embody the place. Using the new motor design, new technology and new materials, by reducing the electromagnetic energy, heat, mechanical energy loss to increase output efficiency, energy efficient motor than the traditional motor efficiency were roughly 3% -5%, now stands at 2 energy efficiency indicators of the motor account less than 10%, so its broad space for development.

Listed companies and supporting the professional motor manufacturers are ocean motor (002,249, stock it), Hunan Electric shares (600,416, stock it), Founder motor (002,196, stock it), Wolong Electric (600,580, stock it), River Point motor (002,176, stock it), Jinlong Machinery & Electronics (300,032, stock it), around the power (002,576, stock it), etc., and materials used in permanent magnet motors are Zhong Ke San Huan (000,970, stock it), Ningbo Yunsheng (600,366, stock it). We are optimistic about energy efficient motors in the field of technical superiority and market share continue to grow the company.

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