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Single phase motor
Product Name: shaded pole motor
Introduction shaded pole motor,M&C shaded pole motors are widely used on humidifiers , microwave ovens, electromagnetic ovens, electronic ovens, refrigerating cabinets, food display cabinets, the second ventilati...
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Product Name: AYYH fan motor
Introduction AYYH fan motor,M&C motors are widely used in the electrical fans, for interchanging air, such as to elevators, air conditioners, beauty salons, public places of entertainment, medical equipments, sh...
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Product Name: AY capacitor running motor
Introduction AY Series Single Phase Capacitor Running Electric Motor AY series single-phase capacitor runnin
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Product Name: AL dual-capacitor motor
Introduction AL Series Single Phase Capacitor Start And Capactor Running Electric Motor AL series single pha
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Product Name: AC capacitor start motor
Introduction AC Series Single Phase Capactor Start Electric Motor AC Series Single Phase Capacitor Start Asy
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Product Name: AU resistor start motor
Introduction AU Series Single-phase Resistance-start Asynchronous Motor,General Description,AU series motor is the fully enclosed micro three-phase,asynchronous motor with the latest design. With feature
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Product Name: Electronic centrifugal switch motor
Introduction M&C have developed AWL, AWC and AWU Series single phase motor for frequency starting and braking occasion. They all apply noncontacting electronic centrifugal switch for on,off and connect the circu...
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