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Drum motor
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Product Name: TDY Oil-cooling Drum Motor
Introduction TDY Oil-cooling Drum Motor This products is the in-side driving device of TDY type and general fixed belt machine.It is cover smaller Land area,lighterweigt,more reliable performance,well aspe
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Product Name: MDJ oil-steeped Drum Motor
Introduction MDJ oil-steeped Drum Motor MDJ- I Series Compare with same domestic product, MDJ- I Series oil-steeped drum motor has a lot of advantages such as high efficiency,light weight,low noise,long s
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Product Name: MDW External Drum Motor
Introduction MDW External Drum Motor External drum motor is a new kind of drum motor,the motor is installed outside the body of roller, and the reducing mechanism is installed inside the body of roller. It
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Product Name: MDB Anti-explosion Drum Motor
Introduction MDB Anti-explosion Drum Motor Summary MDB series anti-explosion drum motor is according to the request of GB3836.1-2000<> and GB3836.2-2000<>, designed and made into explosion-isolating type,
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Product Name: MDP Automatic-alignment Anti-deviation Drum Motor
Introduction MDP Automatic-alignment Anti-deviation Drum Motor The product is a new drive unit for yarious belt conveyors and bucket elevators. Its major advantage is designed specially to be automatic ali
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