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small electrical and motor industries will begin in shenzhen

small electrical and motor industries will begin in shenzhen
Exhibition copyright date: 2011-6-23
The exhibition finished the date: 2011-6-25

the ninth session of Shenzhen international small electrical machinery and the electrical machinery industrial show (2011 Shenzhen international electrical machinery exhibition) will begin grandly in June 23-25, 2011 in Shenzhen convention center. Only most had the influence as the South China area, most to have the brand specialized exhibition grand meeting, Shenzhen international small electrical machinery exhibition has attracted the profession well-known enterprise and professional's enormous attention. At present, begins less than 100 day-long day from the exhibition, the profession well-known enterprise reports the participation matters concerned in abundance, presents a school of new look which streams.
According to the Asian electrical machinery net understood that 2011 Shenzhen International Electrical machinery Exhibition Organization committee passes through the multi-positions the promoted propaganda, by the high quality exhibition service, the preferential benefit participation condition, the attraction profession well-known enterprise attends this exhibitions, at present, Japan is especially mechanical, the triumphant translator, the instrument, Ningbo Hua Rui, the special bearing, the US shuttle branch meter, Shenzhen fine to reach, the Qingdao blue micro equipment, east the water chestnut electrical machinery, the Jiangkou electric appliance, the German valuable electric appliance, the match logical sequence, the Dongguan branch benefit, to be popular the electric appliance brightly especially firmly on time, great good mechanical and electrical, the superior valuable benefit, Magnesensor Technology Ltd. The auspicious meter enterprise, the principal edition observation, the crystal electron, gathers the person of great strength mechanical and electrical, to be popular the collection star electron, the sensitive exhibition mold, the branch front electric appliance, the buddhist bold electrical machinery, the rising sun permanent electron, the fine rock pile, Chinese peaceful chemistry, the Hua Yuan felt, no. 3 gunpowder tea electric appliance more than 150 enterprise entering for with joint forces Shenzhen international small electrical machinery exhibition, but also has the numerous enterprises to handle and is going to handle the related participation matters concerned.

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