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Traction motor of European light rail train made in Zhuzhou
Traction motor of European light rail train made in Zhuzhou
                      Published :2011-6-8               Source: M&C

The reporter have learned from CSR Zhuzhou Electric Co., Ltd. that the YQ-100 type of asynchronous traction motors, which is developed to support for light rail train of Turkish IZMIR, have been successfully off the assembly line and manufactured in bulk order of 16sets by this company. This will be our first export of subway traction motor to Europe, and it is a milestone for us. The CSR has been frequently sent forces on the motor market of city metro rail. Fox example, the supporting motors for Kunming subway, Chongqing subway, Shenyang subway, and Shenzhen subway etc. have been carried out mass production. Its sales volume will reach 2.5 times of last year and it has broken the monopoly of foreign giants on international high-end light rail traction system.

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