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Guangzhou,the first of the new energy vehicles, green channel

Guangzhou,the first of the new energy vehicles, "green channel"

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Released this week, the regulation of the total amount of small and medium-sized passenger cars in Guangzhou Trial Measures (draft) "provides that:" small and medium-sized passenger cars for new energy in line with national directory of new energy vehicles, can be directly applied for small and medium-sized passenger cars incremental configuration indicators ", not the car limit licensing policy. It is understood that in the domestic implementation of the license plate auction License-plate lottery policy of the city, Guangzhou first opened a "green channel" for new energy vehicles on the card.
On this occasion,the EV motors of Guangdong M&C Electric Power Co., Ltd will be used widely.

Comply with the new energy vehicles promotion policy

At present, although the north to cities and wide the car limit licensing policy to ease car ownership in the rapid growth of the traffic and environmental problems, but to accelerate the development of new energy vehicles has also become a consensus.

In May of this year, the Ministry of Finance clearly stated: "new energy vehicle demonstration pilot cities as soon as possible to cancel the license plate of the new energy automobile auction, limit line of the restrictive measures." And as early as the end of last year, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and the Development and Reform Commission and other ministries issued new energy vehicles to promote the new policy, requirements the pilot cities actively study for the implementation of new energy vehicles exempt from license plate auction, License-plate lottery, limit line and other restrictions to further intensify efforts to promote new energy vehicles.

As one of the 25 new energy vehicle demonstration pilot cities, Guangzhou, a "green light" for new energy vehicles in the car limit licensing policy, in line with the national policy on the promotion of new energy vehicles. Reporter has learned, in the same manner car limit licensing policy in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, there is no clear introduction exempt from the new energy automobile license plate auction, specific file License-plate lottery

Is the ordinary hybrid Can be Free limited?

According to the provisions of the "energy-saving and new energy vehicle development plan", "new energy vehicles refers to the use of the new power system, solely or primarily by new sources of energy to drive the car, including pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cell automotive vehicles. "Therefore, these new energy technologies can be directly on the card in Guangzhou.

However, consumers and auto dealers are also reflected in the most mature technology of ordinary hybrid vehicles, should also be free from on the licensing restrictions, has the obvious effect of energy saving and environmental protection to promote the development of hybrid vehicle market. Market in the sale of hybrid cars hybrid Camry, Prius domestic models, GuangQi Honda has also about the form of imported cars the introduction of Honda's hybrid cars

Therefore, more and more car manufacturers should also be the call of the country's great efforts to develop a new electric car. This will drive the development of all kinds of electric industry, including EV.

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