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Operation analysis of small and medium-sized motor industry in China.

Operation analysis of small and medium-sized motor industry in China.

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 New capacity Cold-rolled silicon steel roll, in order to achieve the sales target, should be discounted

on the price, with no accrual for a few months and this will appeal to mid-range small machine production enterprises


In the past two years, domestic small and medium-sized motor industry facing a slowing economy, production

and sales, profit margins, foreign export growth fell.

The large amount of ending inventory, take high fund proportion. The receivable accounts were more and more.

In this stressful situation of enterprise management, factories tried everything to reduce the purchasing cost.


Low and medium grade of cold rolled silicon steel roll were one of the main raw materials of small and

medium-sized motors. And the cost accounts almost about a third. In this reason, in order to control costs, some motor factories especially private production companies, procurement cold-rolled silicon steel coil

was only decided by the chairman or general manager, the purchasing agents just do some paper works. The policy makers keep their eyes on the purchasing price, quantity, transportation

costs, payment of funds, and it worked well.


Second, the quality of products was reached by the technical department engineers, then; they decided to

use grades and the details. Require suppliers to provide warranty. First check the important parameters of

the magnetic induction, iron loss and others, and never make the low grades instead of the

high one.

Ensure the quality of products, to find from the low grade of good cold rolled silicon steel

coil what is perform better in magnetic induction, , metal loss.

In purchasing, quality indicator optimal 800 instead of 600, with 600 standard of alternative quality

index in 470 reached 470. If it arrive the standards after comparing test (including the

machine test), we will amend the drawings. This way plays an important role in reducing

the cost (The different price is almost average of 200-300 yuan/ton in different grades).


 Of course, such procurement will make themselves lots of troubles in choosing the best

supplier from the mass, wasting a lot time. So some vendors may charge for some to

choosing fee and iron loss fee, of course, the major steel mills are not to do it. 


Other side, you needn’t pay the interests for the new cold-rolled silicon steel roll,

this will appeal to mid-range small machine production enterprises. They were the first men,

they think the new internal quality guaranteed basically adding capacity, only on the

plate type, especially with poor plate may have defects,

but they are ordinary punch, step one foot, ran a piece, can adjust to the cut piece

by hand over with plate is poor, low prices, no discount can also authors efficiency.




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