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Low speed, large torque, thulium permanent magnet synchronous motor was developed successfully

These days it is learned from National Natural Science Foundation of China that our scientists successfully developed low speed, high torque, thulium permanent magnet Synchronous motor, which is a combination of motor and mechanism load. Its main performance reaches international advanced level.

As we know, traditional motor (especially for small and medium motor) can’t meet the requirement of low speed and large torque for the loads, so gear box is needed in most mechanism equipments. But the gear box will lower the transmission efficiency, enlarge equipment size, increase steel demand, enlarge noise, bring lube pollution and so on. For this, many experts do research to try to take away gear box in low speed, large torque transmission system, and replace it with power supply which made of micro-electronics and electric power electronics. This combines motor and mechanism load to built a non-gear transmission system which is integration of  electronic, electric, and mechanism.

According to experts’ theory, the main problem afer canceling gear box is how to eliminate torque impulse vibration when motor is working at low frequency. A research team, leaded by professor Zhang Bing Yi from SHENYANG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, fould that the key to solve this problem is to make the voltage wave become sine wave in permanent magnet Synchronous motor. After reduplicate trials, they finally developed the motor which can meet the requirements.

It is reported that this achievement has spacious room for development and market prospect. Its application can be expanded to digital-controlled machine tool, petroleum chemistry machine, electric power machine, metallurgy mining machine etc., and all these require mechanism gear box to implement low speed, large torque transmission. So the achievement has the vital significance for saving energy, improving design and function of mechanism equipments.

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