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Motor selection and the characteristics of the drive

Motor selection and the characteristics of the drive
Published :2011-5-27

According to the system requirements for speed, determine the choice stepper motor or servo motor. Electrical insulation from the frequency characteristics of stepper motor shows, with the motor speed increases, the output torque decreased, generally with a light load, the maximum operating speed of 15 rev / s horse, with a heavy load, The maximum operating speed of 10 rev / sec, if the system speed requirements higher, you should select the servo motor.

Determine the selection of the stepper motor, it should be according to load size, select the appropriate type of stepping motor torque in the work, through the gear box, the synchronization system to bring about change transmission ratio, thereby adjusting the output torque and speed between load of small motors performance of the whole solution.

Stepper motor drive to increase the supply voltage can increase the operating speed of the stepper motor; increase the stepper motor drive current, can increase the torque stepper motor; electrical insulation stepper motor drive to increase the number of segments can improve the accuracy of the stepper motor; the same time improve the motor running stability, reduced vibration, lower noise.

Stepper motor operating at lower speeds, and sometimes the machine resonance, attention should be run to open the speed section.

Motor drive in the course of some of the considerations:
Users in the use of the motor drive before you read this manual motor drive.
Follow the wiring regulations, do not mistake the work of power and drive power connection, to prevent power instability.

Current work setting, usually set to 1.2 times the motor rated current.

30-50 minutes of work if the motor, the motor table elevated body temperature continues, then the operating current decreases.

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