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Maintenance and repair method of the vibration motor
Maintenance and repair method of the vibration motor

. Maintenance items under operation

The vibrating motor mostly was installed in the place which is dusty and with poor working conditions. The motor itself doesn’t have cooling fan and only depends on the natural cooling, so under operation please pay attentions to maintain following items expect for same maintenance as normal motors.

 First, Inspection Contents:

1. Always checks the health of motor surface.

2. Timely clear up when the dust affect the cooling

3. Always check whether the motor mounting bolts loose or not

4. When it looses, use the torque wrench to fasten it to required torque.

Second, Treatment Methods:


1. If shutdown under abnormal vibration, open the shield of eccentric block to check and make treatment


2. Check the shield of eccentric block is strictly sealed or not.


3. If the shield is not sealed tightly, stop the motor


4. Check if there is any wear and tear on the outlet cable of the motor or not


5. If any wear and tear, stop the motor


6. Whether the bearing is lack of oil


7. Under operation, use grease gun to make up the oil every two month and repair it once every year.


8. Whether the motor current is normal or not


9. Abnormal run, stop the motor and make inspections and handle it.


. Check and Repair Items:

1. The motor outlet cable needs to afford vibration, so have to choose the cable with greater flexibility as the lead wire of the motor. Generally the motor lead wire is easily broken or worn-off damage in the motor root. When these breakdowns happen, have to open the motor and connect the wire insides newly.


2. The bearing of vibrating motor must be the heavy duty bearing, which can support certain axial load and no matter how’s the install direction, but the bearing life won’t be effected by the axial load.

3. When disassemble the bearing, must record the position of eccentric block and the percentage value of exciting force. After finish replacement of the bearing, check the rotating shaft of the motor, there should be certain axial moving string. And then not fix the eccentric block first, to test the motor empty. After the running is normal, fix the eccentric block in original position according to previous record.

Must keep the shield of eccentric block sealed well to stop the dust entering insides to affect the motor running.

In brief, the vibrating motor has certain damage to the equipment, and simultaneously the vibrating motor is also the vulnerable equipment. Under improper use, not only the motor life will get shorter but also it will make much damage to the equipment. Hence, when run the vibrating motor, must follow its manual instruction to operate and increase the frequency and intensity of inspection. Once find the accident potential, must handle it timely, operation must not remain ill. Only proper use and careful inspection can make the vibrating motor run better and extend its life.

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