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The time we popularized VVT technology and development trend

The time we popularized VVT technology and development trend


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Engine VVT technology has widespread conditions. Fixed valve structure is not good enough to meet the needs of the current vehicle energy conservation and emissions reduction. Change the valve timing and valve lift as adjusting the engine breathing rhythm, can effectively improve the fuel economy and emissions. VVT technology characteristic to application in gasoline engine and diesel engine, and can deal well with turbo technology. Now, more than 50% domestic car  were assembled VVT, and the proportion of commercial vehicle assembly VVT technology is still low, A large space we can image after the VVT technology access to the market



VVT technology is not only used for Japan or South Korea, also, it was also widely used Europe and USA. In the VVT technology popularization and application of Japan and South Korea is much higher than Europe and USA. VVT technology was development more comprehensiveseries and models with different price in Japan and South Korea.

IN Europe and the United States, they promoted in cylinder direct injection and turbocharging technology at the same time while they developed the technology of VVT.

Vane VVT system will still be the mainstream in the market, through the analysis of different manufacturers related technologies, we believe that the vane VVT system will be quite a long period of time in the future VVT domination, for its simple structure the characteristics of the function is perfect,



Vast of incremental space will be showed out in VVT technology market. VVT gets lost of support to develop from Industrial policies. Installing VVT system has obvious economical efficiency. Under the condition of the hypothesis of positive and neutral two estimates are shown:

Under the lead of Japanese and Korean enterprises, though VVT market in China has been relatively mature, but it still has more than 2 times of room to grow to universal access (assembly rate of 90%)

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