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BLDC Sewing Machine Motor
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Introduction BLDC Sewing Machine Motor
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BLDC Sewing Machine Motor


BLDC Sewing Machine Motor has come out for nearly 10 years, Because of the limitation of technology and cost,  Although the effect of BLDC Sewing Machine Motor was good, its fault rate is high, It was difficult  to be repaired , reliability was lower, ,Fro these reasons, the sales market of former BLDC Sewing Machine Motor was very weak. With technical progress and the cost of electronic components decreasing, after long term development and experimentation , Our Company Presented a latest designed industrial BLDC Sewing Machine Motor with many advantages.

*High Efficiency and Power-Saving
Comparing with the same power clutch motor, this motor can save power of 60-75%,Used for 80-10months later, the savings can get back the motor cost.

*High Reliability
Maintenance free, long-lived use, adopt brushless design, no internal components wear off, no need to change parts for long term usage.

*High Adaptation
Working voltage range from 170 to 250V .in the area of voltage fluctuation or in the factory with self-generators, this motor is still can work normally. The motor will not change the output power and rotation speed because of the voltage change.

*Super Moment of force
Low speed with powerful torque, it is much more suitable for using in leather and luggage industry.
*Digital Variable Speed Control
The adjustable scope of the highest running speed is 1600rpm to 4200rpm. No high and low speed distinguish like clutch motor, it is suitable for all kinds of industrial sewing machines.

*Comfortable and environmental protection
Low noise, no vibration ,Low temperature rise. Improving working conditions more comfortable.

*Simple structure
Easy installation ,Small in size, light weight, It is a perfect upgrade of product for clutch motor.

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