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BLDC Blower

DC brushless centrifugal blowers feature remarkable performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption and super long life span. More importantly, they have high power output, sustained high torque and powerful motive force.  As a result of these superior characteristics, they can drive huge volume of air exchange for the purpose of cold and hot air regulation in various equipment and systems.  Models of higher speed and larger airflow volume than AC motor are also available.
    Wide range of speed regulation and the intelligent adjustment by the open circuit and closed circuit which make the fans control the needed air volume accurately automatically. DC blowers are especially compatible for air flowing, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and automobile industry etc. DC brushless evaporator blowers with single-speed version, double-speed version or variable speed version and outer coverings with single or double housing are available.

No Carbon Brush; Low Power Consumption;
Super Long Service Life;
Short Circuit Protection; 
Over-current Protection;
Over-temperature Protection; 
Over-voltage Protection;
Under-voltage Protection;
Locked-rotor protection.

Product Introduction
DC24V, Max Airflow 1200 m3/h,Current Input 13A; Variable Speed version are available. 

DC24V, Max Airflow 1200 m3/h,Current Input 13A;
Variable Speed version are available.

DC24V, Max. Airflow 1020 m3/h,Current Input 16A;3 Speed version are available. 

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