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High voltage synchronous motor
view High Voltage Synchronous Motor Product Name: High Voltage Synchronous Motor
Introduction High Voltage Synchronous Motor   1. General  M&C Electric Power Co.Ltd is a professional enterprise combining design,production, sale,installation and maintence for electrical machin
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High Voltage Synchronous motor


1. General
 M&C Electric Power Co.Ltd is a professional enterprise combining design,production, sale,installation and maintence for electrical machinery.It has a history for more than 50 years to produce electrical machine.
SJK, SJKM, SJKL series of medium and large-sized high voltage Synchronous motor are main and routine products in M&C company, Power of the series motors are from 200KW to 20000KW.
We have a strong technical strength with rich experience and exquisite technique. The most of their backbone have taken part in design, production of military equipment electrical machine for shipping use and various Synchronous motor. With strong technology, complete testing equipments and advanced production lines, we got ISO9001 quality system certification. Except the authentication of China's CCC, pursuing the aim of valuing quality, reputation and service, we are sincerely willing to cooperate with both old and new customers at home and abroad. We warmly welcome the friends from all walks of life to visit our company and offer advice and suggestions.
 The synchronous electric machine produced by our corp. is one of seventeen categories, among them; there are synchronous motors, synchronous gen erator, synchronous medium frequency generator, traction synchronous generators and frequency conversion synchronous generator set etc. These products have been sold to home and foreign markets and have won warmly welcome.  Within the range of design, our Corp. has used the microcomputer to make an optimum design, and by the adoption of new type material and advanced technology, it may satisfy customers different needs. Products have such features as: reliable property, low temperature rise, small loss, high efficiency, small vibration, great starting torque, simple structure, and being convenient for maintenance. At the same time, we can provide serial high voltage comprehensive starter KGLF11, 12 and BLW series (computer control) which is coupled with thyristor excitation device and may be provided with complete set to user for that it is convenient to be mounted and repaired.  Those synchronous motor made by Corp. may be used for driving air compressor, cracker, grinding mill, rolling mill, air blower, water pump and other universal machines. Synchronous generator set may be used as high precise frequency converter and testing power source, also may be coupled with diesel generator set used as independent and spare power source.
 2. Structure description
  There are various structures for synchronous motor. Besides the common double-bearing pedestal structure, there are also full-suspension, shaft-less, non-bearing pedestal structures; half-suspension, single-bearing pedestal structures; stator movable. Structure; collector ring-with protector, positive-pressure-ventilated-safe-type structure; round and case model structure. Bearings can undertake double axial thrust force and run in both positive and opposite directions etc. The structure also other models such as self-ventilating-cooling; horizontal and vertical mounting, brush set up with thyristor exciting type and brushless exciting etc. The degree of voltage are: 380V, 3kV, 6kV, and 10kV etc. There are many protection degrees for motor such as IP00 to IP54 etc.  The frame, end shield and bottom plate are made of steel plate. Owing to the thermo-detector elements being set in stator and bearings, the motor may execute temperature monitoring. The rotor magnetic pole is salient type, at two ends of the magnetic yoke fan is provided, the cooling air can be drawn into the inner part of rotor iron core from two end-shields and discharged from the frame air outlet through stator radial ventilating slots, thus a good cooling effect is obtained. There are also such cooling methods as tubular and half-tubular ventilation, air-water cooler. As to bearing, there are end-shield type sliding bearing, pedestal sliding bearing, and pressure oil circulating cooling type, there are also end-shield rolling bearing with grease lubrication.
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