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view Catalogue Cycloidal Pin Gear Motor Product Name: Catalogue Cycloidal Pin Gear Motor
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Product Information:

Catalogue Cycloidal Pin Gear motor

Performance characteristics:

1. WB series micro cycloidal gearmotor is a reducer designed by cycloid needle teeth coupled planetary transmission principle. simple structure, convenient operation, little maintenance
2. Aluminium alloy housing, design in small size ,steady running, low noise, high efficiency
3. The products have been mainly used in light industrial fields, such as foods, beverage, pharmaceutical, leather, printing, packaging, etc.
Technical parameters:
Output speed: 0.16~161rpm
Output torque: up to 350Nm
Motor power: 0.04~2.2kw
Input form: directly connected with motor, flange input or shaft input.
Installation Form: Horizontal or Vertical.


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