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General Description

Being adrive of belt transporter and lifting equipment, the drum motor is widely applied in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry ,coal industry, building materials, powering, light industry, foodstuff and transportation etc.
Drum motor has such property as fine structure,low volume,light weight,fine sealing and easy assembling.It can be used in such environment as heavy powder muddy,wet and outdoors.The ambient temperature is -10℃~+40℃,Usually it isn’t applied in altitude over 1000m, also it should be assembled levelly.
M&C developed its drum motors which allow easy maintenance and high performance level. Optimized design, quality of materials used.The drum motor we produce on standard of JB/T7330-94 of mechanism department , be in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements. As well as all M&C drum motors are also certified by internationally recognized certifying institutions such as CQC (China).


1.Symbol of M&C products

MD:M&C Drum motor

2.Motor installing form or cooling mode

1)When motor is inside the motor cooling mode is usually made out, Y for oil cooling

and J for oil immersion.

2)When motor is outside,the installing form is made out,for example, horizontal type,

solid motor and horizontal vertical type.

3.Special symbol

1) General type(T needn't listed),arrestor(N),movable(Y),

anti-explosion(B), anti-corrosive(F), anti-deviation(P)

The outside drum motor can list such marks as stretching connector(G),

liquid coupler (Y) And hydraulic-pressure handspike arrester(Z)

4.Stipulation to drum motor rotation with arrester

Check from the power inlet edge(when motor is inside,the edge is beside the junction)

5.Symbol example

Example:An oil cooling motor with power of 15KW,leftist elements is 60°the velocity of drum surface is 2.5m/s, drum diameter is 800mm,the belt width is 630mm, an arrester is installed,
check from the junction box,this fixed-shaft gear drum motor of clockwise rotationis marked as,


1.Selecting the necessary power according to the comptation formula

1) Calculation of drum motor

When the belt width B is less than 400mm:

When the belt width B is no less than 400mm:

Where:—­ Shaft power­ of drum motor­ (kW)

L — The horizontal projection of conveyance drum motor and radial motor

center distance (m)

B — Belt width (mm)

H — the conwey heigt (m)

V — Velocity of drum surface (m/s)

Q — the convey quantity (t/h)

± — “+”means up convey and “-” means down convey

Calculation of power


P —­ motor Power­ (kW)

—­ Shaft power­ of drum motor­ (kW)

— Total convey efficiency of roller (%)

If you use the shaft roller ,

If you use the rubber roller ,

2.The formula computationv’s torque of drum motor­


M —­ Torque­ (N·m)

D —­ Drum diameter (mm)

P — Rated Power­ (kW)

V — Belt speed­ (m/s)

3.The formula computationv’s allowable torque of drum motor­


—­ Allowable Torque­ (N·m)

D —­ Drum diameter (mm)

V — Belt speed­ (m/s)

— Efficiency

4.This series drum motor’s power needs to be adjusted in

these conditions as following:

1) It’s power is need to improve a stage when it is working 8 hours continuously.

2) It’s power is need to improve a stage when it is rubber roller.

3) It’s power is need to improve a stage when it is started continuously.

Ordering Information

1. Please refer to our catalogue before ordering.If the Items, ratings you need are not covered by our booket please contact us.If you have particular needs,
please offer us specific proposal in advance.A contract or agreement should be reached
when requiements had been comfirmed.

2. Please note the specification as power, diameter,belt width,velacity of drum surface,with rubber or no etc.

3. The drum motor that work environment the ermperature is -10℃~+40℃.
The temperature that transport the material exceed 60℃.
The elevation high of work location not exceed 1000 meters. If the work environment is out of accordance with above term, please contact with our company.




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