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PM Motor Driving System
view Three-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Driving System Product Name: Three-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Driving System
Introduction Three-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Driving System
Product Information:

Three-phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor Driving System

High precision for speed regulation:
Error within 1/30000,which improves the technology of users products.

High performance:
The rotor use rare earth PM material. high magnetic field tensity, high starting torque, lower starting current, and wide speed range

Small size and light weight:
Its frame size is one to two frame sizes smaller than that of AC aSynchronous motor of same HP

Simple and reliable control system:
It uses open loop control, which reduces the possible failure and cost. The full automatic control system consisting of inverter and computer has better performance than other types of traditional variable speed motor

High efficient and high power factor, effective in saving energy:
It is 5% to 12% more efficient than aSynchronous motor of same HP. As the motor does not need the exciting current, the power factor is close to 1

Long durability:
As a result of reduced current and less heating of motor

It has same frame structure with AC asynchronous motor and can be used to substitute AC asynchronous motor

Wide applicability:
It can be used in various tough conditions. It can even be used in the place where running at low speed for along time or frequent starting is necessary

Additional options are available:
Heat resistance, oil injection inlet, anti-dust, anti-oil sealing rings, special flange and special bearing

PM AC Synchronous motors have been widely applied to textile and chemical fiber machinery:
Combing machine                Metering pump motor   Two-for-one twister
DTY machine                   oil pump motor         warp-knitting machine
Godet motor                    ribbon lap machine      winder motor
Heared draw roller                roller motor            texturing machine
Knitting machine  
Cement                        paper making           printing and dyeing
Metallurgy                     petrochemical           transportationg
Military                       plastic machniery        packaging machinery
Presswork                     glasswork, bottle making

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