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Three phase motor
view Nema Three Phase Motor Product Name: Nema Three Phase Motor
Introduction Nema Three Phase Motor General Decrtption NEMA standard high efficiency motors are totally enclosed self- cooled machine(IP55).
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Nema Three phase motor

General Decrtption 
NEMA standard high efficiency motors are totally enclosed self-cooled machine(IP55).This series motors are designed and manufactured in accordance with NEMA standard of U.S.A and C390-93 standard of Canada. These motors are of a novel style and of excellent workmanship. The motors are characterized as reliability safety, minimal temperaure rise , high efficiency, low noise. low vibration. high starting torque, etc. The motors adopt design Band class F insulation, Their service factor is 1.15. They are rated 208-230/460V, 460V or 575V and 60Hz. Exposure to an ambient temperature in the range of -15℃ to 40℃, arid to an altitude which dose not exceed 3300 nfeet. They are ideal for application with no special requirement, They can be used to drive various kinds of mechanical equipment. This series motors can be specially manufactured on request, such as T, TC, TD or H insulation class, different voltage, different frequency, etc.

Terminal Box

There are 3, 6, 9 and 12 outleads in the terminal box.
The follow diagrams indicate the ways of connection. The length of leads 6 inches measured from Frame surface. Terminal marking and connections should accord with MG 1-2.62. There is grounding screw with grounding marking in the terminal box.
Terminal markings for Y and Delta connected Dual-voltage and Single-voltage motors.

Ttype-common mounted motor with feet
TC type-motor with or without feet, the mounting method of C type motor with feet should be up to MG1-403 standards
Assembly symbols shall be as follws


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